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Why Choose Us?

  • What is Referral Exchange?
    • Referral Exchange is a unique reward program for reward checkup members wherein if they introduce a referral that purchase a package or a customer referred by you undergoes a diagnostic test at our site or if a customer personally buys an additional package he/she would earn an additional Bonus, which can be as follows:

      • Every referral entitles you to certain reward credits mentioned in your package.
      • These additional reward credits can be utilized for free tests or can be adjusted for purchases of additional packages.
      • Renewal benefit up to 10% - 25% on usage of your packages.
      • 50% non-usage benefit on renewal of packages not utilized.
      • Earn Tax Benefits - Save up to Rs 1500 Under 80D As per Finance Act, 2012
      • On achievement of various levels, be a part of exclusive Special promotions like free movie tickets, free coffee vouchers at CCD, etc
  • Recommend us and we'll top up your credit*
    • Do you want to give your family and friends a healthy gift while earning a quick buck at the same time?
      This is how it works:
      Recommend reward checkup to your friends!
      When your friends buy a package from us (Rs.1000 value or more)
      We will credit your account with Rs.100.00 or more upon every purchase

      So what are you waiting for go ahead and invite your family and friends

  • Why should I recommend a friend or family member?
    • You are delighted on your purchase and would want to share it with people whom you love the most!

  • How do I recommend a friend/family member to Reward Checkup?
    • There are many opportunities to recommend a friend to Reward Checkup.
      1. On every pack you can find a link, which you can use to send invitations to friends using Twitter, Facebook or Email.
      2. On your Personal Recommendation Page you can find your personal reference link, which you can post anywhere on the Internet to get people to join up.
      3. Company’s discretion would be final in case of misuse or wrong promotion of invitations and Reward Check up has the right to withdraw/ Prematurely hold or disqualify a members account, if found guilty of this act.

  • I haven’t received my reward credit!
    • Your friend/ family member needs to register an account for the first time and purchase their first package via your link within 72 hours of opening a Reward Checkup account.

  • How long is the credit valid for?
    • Your credit is valid for a whole year.

  • How can I spend my credit?
    • You can use your credit on any purchase with us, and you redeem it on the payment page. If your credit is worth more than the cost of the package because you have been recommending lots of friends, then whatever is left over can be redeemed on your next package, unless it has expired.