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Conditions of reporting

     The reported results are for information and for interpretation of the referring doctor only.
     It is presumed that the tests performed on the specimen belong to the patient named or identified.
    Results of tests may vary from laboratory to laboratory and also in some parameters from time to time for the same patient.
     Should the results indicate an unexpected abnormality, the same should be reconfirmed.
     Only such medical professionals who understand reporting units, reference ranges and limitations of technologies should interpret results.
    This report is not valid for medico - legal purposes.
    Neither Forever Freedom Impex Pvt. Ltd., nor its employees / representatives assume any liability, responsibility for any loss or damage that may be incurred by any person as a result of presuming the meaning or contents of the report.


     Majority of the specimen processed in this laboratory are collected by Pathologists and Hospitals and we call them as "clients"
     Name- The name is as declared by the client or the personnel who collected the specimen.
     Ref. Dr.- The name of the doctor who has recommended testing - as declared by the client.
     Labcode- This is the accession number in our laboratory and it helps us in archiving and retrieving the data.
     Barcode - This is the specimen identity number and it states that the results are for the specimen bearing that barcode (irrespective of the name).
     SCP - Specimen Collection Point -This is the location where the blood or specimen was collected as declared by the client.
     SCT - Specimen Collection Time - The time when the specimen was collected as declared by the client.
     RRT - Report Releasing Time -The time when our pathologist has released the values for reporting.
     Reference Range- Means the range of values in which 95% of the normal population would fall.


     Values out of reference range requires reconfirmation before starting any medical treatments.
     Retesting is needed if you suspect any quality shortcomings.
     Testing or retesting should be done in accredited laboratories.
     If you have any grievances, call us at +91 9278711312 or send mail to info@rewardcheckup.com